August 7th - 9th

The Game Jam of Quakecon at Home

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Version Alpha: Homebrew is a free virtual Game Jam hosted with Quakecon at Home, a three-day event hosted yearly, currently online for everyone to participate in. Asterisk is proud to partner with Quakecon at Home to bring together the best elements of gaming and game development in a high powered weekend full of building, prototyping, and (hopefully) Bawls.

Over the last decade, few industries have accelerated like that of gaming and esports. New paradigms are being introduced in every game that is produced. Technology has allowed us to push the boundaries of games and their development to new horizons. On the flip side, gaming has contributed a lot to the way we develop new technology. Version Alpha: Homebrew aims to push the boundaries of innovation: gaming and otherwise! For one weekend, a diverse group will collaborate on ideating, developing, and exploring the games of tomorrow.


Quakecon is a yearly gaming convention held by ZeniMax Media. It typically includes a bring-your-own-computer LAN party event and a competitive tournament, alongside many other events The 25th Annual QuakeCon will be the first QuakeCon held remotely. As part of Quakecon at Home, participants of Version Alpha: Homebrew are invited to work alongside, and enjoy, the fun events of Quakecon at Home.

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As a part of Quakecon at Home, it’s only right that the theme for Version Alpha: Homebrew revolves around the home. As a setting or more abstract concept, you can take the idea of the home and interpret it as you please.

Whether your game is about returning home or takes place in one, we’re looking forward to seeing your use of the theme!


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Who can participate? >

Anyone who signs up via (coming soon) can participate! We also ask that you join the Discord to stay as up to date as possible.

I've been working on a game for a while, can I use that or do I need to start over? >

Prior work is acceptable! We welcome the development of new games and the continuation of games in development

Do I need to know how to code? >

Not necessarily! Many games are made with software that helps you avoid the bulk of the work. If you have questions feel free to ask in the Discord!


What do teams look like? >

A team can consist of anywhere from 1 to 5 people.

What if I don't have a team, but want to be in one? >

If you want to collaborate but don't have any partners yet, fear not! We will be hosting a team building session at the beginning of the game jam. Along with that you can reach out and form teams through the discord!

What is a game jam? >

A game jam is an event where people are given an allotted amount of time to create a game, typically based around a theme or asset. Version Alpha: Homebrew is one of these events!

What's the theme? >

As a part of Quakecon at Home, the theme of the game jam revolves around the home. We wish to leave this up to interpretation, either meaning the home setting, or a more abstract concept of a home.

What else is there to do? >

Version Alpha: Homebrew is in partnership with Quakecon at Home- there’s a whole lot of other stuff happening around the Discord server! Check out the Quakecon at Home site for more information.

What can I win? >

We’ll have a few cool prizes and swag available, but this is mostly a time for us to come together and build things for fun!

How do I win? >

The week of the event we will announce criteria for winning. This may include anything from a theme or idea we’d like to see implemented in your game. We will be sending out information and updating the website once this is announced.

What if this FAQ doesn’t answer my question? >

Send us an email at or ask on the discord and we’ll get back to you! You can also check out the + Quakecon